“ A powerful new survey tool for creating questionnaire based surveys & polls online. “

The smart and simple way to create, manage and distribute questionnaire based surveys and polls online.
Question Branching Filters Question Branching New Feature
Display the most relevant survey questions by creating filters to hide non-relevant questions based on the responder's responses to previous questions.
Shuffle Randomization Answer Choice Randomization New Feature
Randomize multiple choice answers to improve survey response integrity with the option to pin selected answer choices.
Advanced Filters Response Filters
Configure advanced filters to narrow survey response data from respondents based on responses to individual survey questions.
Todo reminder Survey Completion Reminders
Enable Automatic sending of daily or weekly survey completion reminders to responders or participants with incomplete surveys.
Report Graph Survey Progress Reports
Track your survey collection progress from your inbox by getting regular weekly or daily survey completion reports via email
Orange Globe Multi-Language Surveys
Distribute your surveys in multiple languages to better target global markets, international audiences, and non native speakers.
Twitter Twitter Integration
Easily connect & Tweet your surveys or polls directly to your Twitter feed with our powerful & easy to use Twitter module
Facebook Facebook Integration
Share your survey on Facebook by posting a message and questionnaire link on your Facebook wall with one click
Survey Popup Embed Popup Surveys
Add a popup survey to your webpage that automatically opens when a page or link is viewed. Great for intercept surveys!
Secure Connection Secure Surveys
Responses are collected through a secure ssl connection to ensure that your data is safe throughout the collection process.
Share Group Share Survey Analytics
Save time on reports by giving others direct access to your analytics pages and set an optional password for added security.
Anonymous Responder Anonymous Responders
Setup anonymous surveys to gather data from survey takers without requiring a personal name or email address.
Advanced Questionnaire Interface Questionnaire Builder
Build questionnaires in minutes with our advanced yet easy to use web 2.0 questionnaire builder interface. Design surveys quickly!
Sort Response Grid Data Sortable Response Grid
Easily sort & search your response data to analyze trends and quickly get the survey results and information you need.
Configure Questionnaire Style Customize Questionnaire Style
Change the font, color, size, & banner of each survey to closely match your company's brand or image. Great for embedded or popup surveys!
Download Responses as Excel Excel Response Data Export
Download response data in excel format to personally store or analyze survey results. Useful for integrating with third-party tools.
People Manage Responders
Upload & organize study group participants ahead of time to run controlled studies. View individual responder responses and completion stats.
Image Icon Multiple Choice Image Support
Create multiple choice questions with images as question answer choices. Reuse images in multiple questions across multiple surveys.
Limit Survey Response Time Survey Time Limit
Enable a survey time limit and set a specific time (seconds or hours) for each responder to complete and submit the survey or poll.
Recycle Questions Reusable Questions
Save time when building questionnaires by adding previously used questions to your questionnaire without having to copy & paste
Administer Surveys Manage Surveys
Easily navigate between surveys with one click from any page by selecting a questionnaire from the sidebar drop down list
Graph Response Status Overview
Use the zoomable timescale graph on the analytics overview page to track your survey response progress.
ClockReal-Time Survey Response Collection
As soon as an answer is submitted by a responder, the response data becomes available for analysis without any wait.
Email Email Survey Distribution
Compose your survey invitation, add a list of email recipients, and send to the entire group without opening your mail client!
Survey Embed Embed Survey
Embed your survey directly on any webpage for seamless integration by simply copying & pasting the embed code.
Survey Url Survey Link Distribution
Every survey has it's own unique address that makes it easy for you to share your surveys, questionnaires, and polls with others.
Brush Customize Look & Feel
Control the questionnaire background & text color along with the font and text size for each survey to closely match your brand.
Flag Survey Branding
Upload a banner to display at the top of your surveys to closely match your organization's image without sacrificing integrity.
Examine Validate Responses
Make sure all of your questions get answered by making the responder submit answers to each question before proceeding to the next page.
Bar Graph Comprehensive Analytics
Visualize response data with advanced interactive bar, line, and pie charts that can be downloaded as images for a presentation or report.
Skip Custom Skip Logic
Redirect your responder to a specific page based on the response values to a given question. Useful for skipping non relevant survey sections.
CSV Download Response Data CSV
Export survey response data to CSV for personal storage, sharing, or analysis. Great for importing data to third party tools.
Multiple Choice Table Multiple Choice Grid Support
Create & add multiple questions with a common root into an organized grid. Example: How often do you: run, skip, jump?
Multiple Choice Option Multiple Choice Support
Add questions that have multiple response answer choices with radio or checkbox inputs in a vertical or horizontal orientation.
Free Comment Free Response Support
Add free response questions to your survey to collect open responses and set the text field to one of three available sizes.
PDF Download Survey PDF
Once configured, just download & save your survey as a PDF to store, print, or distribute a document or paper copy.
Market Research

Market Research

Having accurate market statistics can make the difference between success and failure. Use RationalSurvey to conduct market research surveys by creating consumer polls with reusable metrics to measure consumer demand, allowing you to plan ahead or just test the market.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Get information vital to your business by creating polls and surveys that target your customers to let you know where to focus your efforts. Create customer satisfaction surveys, product evaluation surveys, or website polls and embed them on your organization's webpage.

Employee Feedback Checklist

Employee Feedback

Are your employees satisfied, does your latest candidate have the background you need? Find out what your employees are thinking or simplify your hiring process by creating questionnaire based job satisfaction surveys to screen and filter potential job applicants.

Wedding Cake

Event Planning

Get a head-start on your next bash by sending out surveys to help plan weddings, simplify group based decisions, evaluate conferences, collect post-event feedback, or evaluate group events. Best of all, you can enable reminders to make sure that all your decision makers complete their surveys.

Education Tools

Educational Surveys

Use RationalSurvey to extend the reach of your virtual classroom or study group. Make exams, tests and quizzes to measure student progress and evaluate responses. Manage research studies and perform cross survey analysis with RationalSurvey's reusable questionnaires & questions.

Medical Screening

Medical Screening

Filter and screen patients by checking for existing medical conditions, allergies, or predispositions and save time on data entry with web based questionnaires. Move your questionnaire based data entry forms to RationalSurvey today!

Contest Podium

Competitions & Contests

Poll your clients, friends, or coworkers to find out who's the next big winner of a public competition, nomination, or get savvy by creating a survey to narrow down a list of candidates for a highly sought position. You can even upload portraits and add captions to make it easier for everyone to decide.

Medical Research Microscope

Medical Research

Evaluate pharmaceutical medical research programs, studies, and clinical research trials by creating online questionnaire web surveys to collect & compare data from your study participants. Reuse existing questionnaires to get followup data without having to create new questionnaires.

Voting Hands

Voting & Elections

Configure surveys and polls that allow people to voice their opinions on important topics, global events, or local issues. Review a political candidate or community official to see who is leading or trailing in popularity prior to an election or during a term in office.

Government Symbol

Government Research

Review the impact of a newly proposed bridge or find out how people will react to a pending city ordinance before it takes effect. Rational Survey gives local, state, and federal government the tools they need to take public opinion into account when making critical decisions. Make government research a top priority for your department or administration.

RationalSurvey combines simplicity with function to deliver a far more intuitive approach to online survey creation.

  • Build online surveys, questionnaires, evaluations, and polls.
  • Customize the survey options to better fit your needs.
  • Distribute using 6 different methods to maximize collection.
  • Embed your survey onto any webpage or wordpress blog.
  • Track & chart response data collection progress in real time.
  • Visualize results with colorful charts, tables, graphs, & pdfs.
  • Download your survey's responses to csv and excel.
  • Invite others to view and share your survey analytics.
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