Educational Discount

Apr 18, 2011

We’re proud to announce that we now offer a discounted professional account for educational institutions, schools, and students with unlimited survey usage and all the advanced features including: skip logic, response data graphs, analytics reports, and more To take advantage of this offer, you can go to the professional account registration page and enter “educational” [...]

Grouping related surveys and questionnaires is really simple with the new organize questionnaire feature.  This is particularly useful when you have more than a couple questionnaires and want to quickly access surveys without having to search the questionnaire list.  Here’s how: From any of the “Configure”, “Distribute”, or “Analyze” pages, click the “Organize”  button within [...]

Adding images to survey questions is a breeze with Rational Survey.  Just follow the steps below to create stunningly visual questionnaires.  As usual, our this tutorial assumes that you have an account.  If not, go ahead and register a free one by clicking the link below. Register Free Account Step 1 – Creating the Question [...]

We’re proud to announce that the Rational Survey free account is now better than ever thanks to our upgraded usage restrictions.  Users can now enjoy 10 surveys with 100 questions and 1000 responders free of charge. If you haven’t already done so, get your free account today by registering below: We also have plans [...]

Once your survey has collected responses, you can easily export a snapshot of your totals to a shareable document format.  Just navigate to your analytics section and click the icon within the “Reports” sidebar on the analytics overview or totals page. Once the document downloads you will have a copy of your survey analytics to [...]