Here are the results of our early February 2011 poll on the uprisings and civil unrest in Egypt.

The first question asked responders if they believed that the current uprisings will lead to a change of government.  An overwhelming majority at 85 Percent chose “yes”.

The next inquired at whether a change of government would benefit the people of Egypt.  64% chose “Yes” and 35% “No”.  A clear majority of those polled believe that a change of government will benefit the people.

We then presented responders with a list of possible candidates and asked them to predict the next leader of Egypt.  The unknown candidate selection received the most votes followed by a tie for the former director of the IAEA -Mohamed El Baradei and general Omar Suleiman. No votes were cast for Hosni Mubarak or his son Gamal.

And lastly, when asked about the probability of Egypt becoming a true democracy on a grade of “High”, “Medium”, and “Low”.  The majority voiced their skepticism by selecting “Low”.

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Egypt Unrest Poll

Feb 1, 2011

With the current unrest  in Egypt and the stability of the Middle East at stake, everyone is asking what will happen next and how this will play out over the coming days.

This week, we’re asking people around the world to take our survey and express their thoughts on the ongoing Egyptian crisis.  You can find a link to our quick poll below.

Survey results will be posted on February 4th.

UPDATE: Survey has been extended & results will be posted on Sunday Feb 6th.

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