Change Survey Width

Sep 30, 2011

With Rational Survey, you now have the option of changing the survey width to a specific size in pixels.  This feature is great for users looking to accommodate questionnaires with extra lengthy questions or want to fit their survey on  a page or sidebar with limited space. To change the survey width, go to the [...]

With Rational Survey, you now have the ability to randomize the position of multiple choice question answer choices in order to improve the integrity of collected survey responses.  The new feature also enables you to selectively pin individual answer choices to preserve their display order. To get started with answer choice randomization: Open the question [...]

With Rational Survey, you now have the ability to set a global survey password that will limit access to those with the given password. It’s also worth mentioning that the survey password will override individual passwords for participants that were uploaded via CSV when assigning survey participants for controlled studies. To enable survey passwords: Go [...]

Survey Progress Bars

Jul 29, 2011

It’s very disappointing to have your survey participants exit on the 4th page of a modest 5 page survey.  So how can you make them stay?  Simple, just give them an easy way of measuring their progress so they can get an internal estimate of the remaining time. Here’s where the progress bar comes in.  [...]

Hide Question Numbers

Jul 26, 2011

As a compliment to the highly anticipated new question branching feature, we’ve decided to give you an easy way to hide question numbers.  This is great for preventing participants from noticing gaps in the question numbers when certain questions are skipped as a result of the participant’s answer choice selections.  It’s also useful for reducing [...]

SPSS Survey Export

Jul 20, 2011

This week we’ve  released a new feature many of you have been patiently awaiting.  You can now export or download your survey response data in a format that’s easy to import into SPSS (IBM’s data mining tool). To take advantage of this feature just click the icon within the reports sidebar from any of your [...]

Several days ago, we debuted a cool new feature that some of you may have curiously noticed in the lower right sidebar of the analytics totals and view results pages. If you haven’t already found it, then go to your analytics totals page and scroll down to the “Filter” sidebar. By clicking the  icon, this will open [...]

We recently had a client request a simple feature.  They were  using Rational Survey to embed a popup survey on their webpage and asked if there was a way to make the popup survey open only on the first visit. So we obliged & added a new option, “Open First Visit” to the popup survey [...]

Rational Survey now has added support for alternate responses (also commonly known as “Other” answer choices) for multiple choice questions. This great feature lets you simplify your surveys by allowing respondents to specify an alternate or “other” response in a free response format if they want to choose an answer that’s not in the available [...]

There’s now an easy way to remind your survey participants with incomplete questionnaires to finish their surveys. From the survey settings page, open the “Advanced” tab. Then set the “Email Complete Survey Reminders” option to yes and specify the interval of the reminders (daily or weekly). Once you’ve made your changes, click “save”. Those responders [...]