Setting up a survey based study for your dissertations can be both challenging and frustrating, especially when you’re short on time or resources.  But with an online survey tool such as Rational Survey, it doesn’t have to be that way. The following tutorial will help guide you through the simple process of setting up your [...]

Grouping related surveys and questionnaires is really simple with the new organize questionnaire feature.  This is particularly useful when you have more than a couple questionnaires and want to quickly access surveys without having to search the questionnaire list.  Here’s how: From any of the “Configure”, “Distribute”, or “Analyze” pages, click the “Organize”  button within [...]

Adding images to survey questions is a breeze with Rational Survey.  Just follow the steps below to create stunningly visual questionnaires.  As usual, our this tutorial assumes that you have an account.  If not, go ahead and register a free one by clicking the link below. Register Free Account Step 1 – Creating the Question [...]

Once your survey has collected responses, you can easily export a snapshot of your totals to a shareable document format.  Just navigate to your analytics section and click the icon within the “Reports” sidebar on the analytics overview or totals page. Once the document downloads you will have a copy of your survey analytics to [...]

Share Survey Responses

Mar 31, 2011

We’re pleased to announce a new feature that makes it even easier to share your survey response data by giving other people access to the same interactive analytics pages without giving away your account information or password. This allows you to spend less time creating and sending reports. Enable and Configure Sharing To get started, [...]

Adding popup surveys to your webpage or blog is now a piece of cake thanks to Rational Survey’s new & easy to use popup survey embed feature. In this tutorial we’re going to show you step by step how easy it is to get your pop up surveys up and running.  To see the pop [...]

Copy Questionnaires

Mar 11, 2011

Save time when configuring surveys by cloning/copying your existing questionnaires.  This feature is extremely useful if you need to put together a new survey which has many questions that are the same or similar to an existing questionnaire.  It’s also incredibly helpful when you need to run the same survey against multiple study groups or [...]

Here’s the challenge: Register an account Distribute your default survey Complete (Submit) the survey as a responder Quickly analyze the results Do it all in under 60 seconds If you don’t think it’s possible, here’s the proof: Survey in 60 Seconds Conclusion: Rational Survey makes it really fast and simple to create, distribute, and analyze [...]

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With Rational Survey, distributing a survey on Twitter is a breeze. Step 1 (Configure your Questionnaire) Make sure you have registered an account, if not click here to do so ( it’s free ). Once you’ve logged into your account go to the configure questionnaire page. From this page we will modify the existing questionnaire [...]

Distributing a survey through Facebook is now easier than ever with Rational Survey’s  new Facebook integration.  Create surveys and preview your message before inviting your friends to take part in your survey before posting it on your facebook wall. Here’s how: Step 1 (Register): If you don’t already have one then go ahead and register [...]

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