Answer Choice Randomization

Aug 16, 2011

With Rational Survey, you now have the ability to randomize the position of multiple choice question answer choices in order to improve the integrity of collected survey responses.  The new feature also enables you to selectively pin individual answer choices to preserve their display order.

To get started with answer choice randomization:

Open the question configuration menu by double clicking an existing question within the questionnaire builder or click the “Plus” icon to add a new question.  Now set the “Randomize Answers” option to “Yes”.

A new column of shuffle icons will appear to the right of the existing answer choice table options.

To selectively pin an individual answer choice, click the shuffle icon (Once toggled, it will appear as a pin).

Now click “Save” to confirm the changes or to add your new question to the questionnaire.

Unpinned answer choices will now be randomly shuffled.

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