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Mar 11, 2011

Save time when configuring surveys by cloning/copying your existing questionnaires.  This feature is extremely useful if you need to put together a new survey which has many questions that are the same or similar to an existing questionnaire.  It’s also incredibly helpful when you need to run the same survey against multiple study groups or re-run a survey at a later date in order to compare the results to an earlier sample.

Here’s how you can clone your questionnaires in Rational Survey:

Get started by going to the survey configuration page and clicking “Create” to bring up the new questionnaire dialog.

Once the new dialog is up you’ll have two options.   In the first tab “New Questionnaire” you can choose to create a new questionnaire from the default new questionnaire survey.  To do so, simply enter in a title and click “Create”.

Now to actually clone one of your existing questionnaire just open the “Copy Questionnaire” tab, select your source questionnaire, and click “Create”.

At this point you’ll be automatically redirected to the newly copied questionnaire.

Notice that the title of the new survey has been appended with some hideous “COPY” text?  This is intentional so that you spend some time renaming your survey to something more appropriate.  Remember, you have to choose a unique survey title!

Now go and show off to your friends, boss, or co-workers by running a multiple sample comparison survey.

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