Filter Respondents By Responses

Jun 28, 2011

Several days ago, we debuted a cool new feature that some of you may have curiously noticed in the lower right sidebar of the analytics totals and view results pages.

If you haven’t already found it, then go to your analytics totals page and scroll down to the “Filter” sidebar.

By clicking the  icon, this will open a dialog that will allow you to configure the feature.

So what does it do?

This new feature lets you easily create condition based filters that will make the analytics pages and all of the reports filter results by only displaying responses from respondents that match your specified conditions.

Ok, now what does that mean?

Well simply put, this opens up a whole new world of measurement and analysis opportunity. You no longer necessarily have to rely on an external data mining application, such as IBM’s SPSS, to extract supplementary facts from your survey or poll’s response data.  That’s because filters give you the ability to query your survey results and view responses from a segmented portion of your respondents in real time without the need for multiple surveys.

Over the coming weeks we’ll post some interesting walk-throughs with various examples to show you how to take advantage of response based filtering.

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