Password Protected Surveys

Aug 1, 2011

Locks and key for surveysWith Rational Survey, you now have the ability to set a global survey password that will limit access to those with the given password. It’s also worth mentioning that the survey password will override individual passwords for participants that were uploaded via CSV when assigning survey participants for controlled studies.

To enable survey passwords:

Go to the survey settings page from the configuration step.
Settings Page Navigation

Open the advanced tab and set the “Require Responder Login” option to “Yes”.

Set Login Option

Check the “Password” checkbox option to enable passwords.

Check Password Login
Now enter a global survey password into the “Survey Password” field. Note: If you would like to use unique passwords for individual participants, then leave this particular field blank. You must then make sure to assign passwords to your participants in the responders tab.
Enter a password
Lastly, remember to save your survey settings for the changes and new password to take effect.

Save Survey Settings

Now participants will be required to provide a password to continue to the questionnaire section of the survey.Survey Authentication

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