Popup Surveys – Open First Visit Only

Jun 24, 2011

We recently had a client request a simple feature.  They were  using Rational Survey to embed a popup survey on their webpage and asked if there was a way to make the popup survey open only on the first visit.

So we obliged & added a new option, “Open First Visit” to the popup survey distribution tab/dialog  that when checked will modify the script to give webpage visitors a special cookie and prevent the popup from opening on subsequent return visits.

Note: The “Auto Open” option must be enabled to utilize this option.

Now when they visit the page with the popup script, the survey will open, but when they return to it again or refresh the page, the popup survey will not open.

Also, if you have any existing embedded popup surveys, you’ll have to update the embedded scripts to take advantage of this feature, which is definitely worth the minimal effort if you’re looking for a way of soliciting visitors to take your survey without pestering them each time they load the page.

And for those that may not be aware, since cookies are browser specific, this won’t prevent the survey from opening if the same page is visited from another browser on the same computer.

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