Respondent Login

May 6, 2011

Adding a login to your surveys for respondent authentication or registration  is really easy with Rational Survey.

Here are some quick advantages to adding a survey login step:

  • Collect respondent details such as first name, last name, email address & date of birth
  • Prevent duplicate survey responses from the same respondent
  • Allow respondent to exit survey and continue from where they left off at a later time by logging back in
  • Create controlled studies by requiring a unique password

To enable survey login, from the survey settings page.  Click the “Advanced” tab.

Now enable the “Require Responder Login” setting.

A list of login options will appear below.  Check all the fields you would like to use to authenticate respondents. Note: you must select at least two fields if you’re not using the email or username field.

Then click “Save” to update your settings.

Now when visitors access your survey they will have to login using the previously specified fields.

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