SPSS Survey Export

Jul 20, 2011

SPSS Icon RedThis week we’ve  released a new feature many of you have been patiently awaiting.  You can now export or download your survey response data in a format that’s easy to import into SPSS (IBM’s data mining tool).

To take advantage of this feature just click the spss icon within the reports sidebar from any of your survey analytics pages.

Click to download results to SPSS

Once the download is prepared, you’ll be prompted to save your downloaded file.  After downloading, open the compressed zip archive and extract to a location on your local hard drive.

Extract zip file to local disc

Now for the import to work properly, users will have to update the path of the CSV data file within the SPS import script.   Fortunately, we’ve included a simple batch file in every downloaded archive that will automatically configure the SPS import script for windows users.  Just double click the .bat file to automatically update your SPS script & launch SPSS (you may have to wait a few seconds for SPSS to open after the bat file finishes updating).

Run Batch File

Update SPS Bat

After SPSS launches and opens, click the green arrow or “Run Selection” button to import the data using the SPS script.

Start SPS Import

Now your survey response data is ready for analysis in SPSS.


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