Survey Progress Bars

Jul 29, 2011

Blue survey progress bar

It’s very disappointing to have your survey participants exit on the 4th page of a modest 5 page survey.  So how can you make them stay?  Simple, just give them an easy way of measuring their progress so they can get an internal estimate of the remaining time.

Here’s where the progress bar comes in.  Adding a progress bar will give your participants the assurance they need to continue on to the next page without worrying about the length of the survey.  This is especially useful for lowering participant fatigue on longer surveys with multiple pages.

To enable progress bars in your survey, go to the survey settings page and open the presentation tab.  Now set the “Progress Bar” option to “Yes”.

Progress Bar Enable

You can even change the color of the progress bar to one of your choosing (the default color is blue).  After enabling the progress bar, click the “Progress Bar” color box to open a color picker and select a color of your choosing.

Select Progress Bar Color

Now our survey participants can finally gauge their progress.

Preview Progress Bar

We also released a quick video tutorial that shows you how to enable the progress bars.

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