With Rational Survey, distributing a survey on Twitter is a breeze.

Step 1 (Configure your Questionnaire)

Make sure you have registered an account, if not click here to do so ( it’s free ).

Once you’ve logged into your account go to the configure questionnaire page.

From this page we will modify the existing questionnaire to have the following 3 questions.

  1. How would you rate product x on a scale of 1 – 10. [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]
  2. Briefly describe how you would improve product x. []
  3. Please select your gender.[Male, Female]

To edit an existing question, hover over the targeted question and click the wrench icon within the context menu or double click anywhere over the background to bring up the question edit dialog.

From the question edit dialog you will be able to change the question type, text, and set various options. Changing the question type is done by selecting the desired “Question Type” from the associated drop down.  To change the question text, enter your text into the “Question” text-area.  Adding and removing answers for multiple choice questions is done by editing the “Answer” field and adding one answer per line.

Be sure to set the “Field Type” to Textarea for the Free Response.

Adding questions is just as simple.  Click the “+” icon to bring up the Add Question dialog.

Within the Add Question Dialog make sure you have the “New Question” tab open and proceed to configure your question just as you would in the Edit Dialog.  When you’re finished, click “Create” to add your question to the survey.

Step 2 (Tweeting your Survey)

Once your questionnaire is complete proceed to the Distribute page and open the Twitter tab.

Or you can click the “Twitter” link in the questionnaire sidebar on the right of the screen.

From here click “Connect” to open a new window where you will log into your Twitter account and grant permission for Rational Survey to connect to your account.

After granting permission you will be redirected back to Rational Survey.  Now, just enter your invitation message into the Tweet field to see a live preview of your tweet with the survey link automatically appended to your message.  Note: If you need to log into another Twitter account just click the “Reconnect” button and enter the new account username/password.  You’ll have to grant permission for each new account that you connect with Rational Survey but after that it’s all happy tweeting.

Click “Post Tweet” to send your Tweet to the world.

Now whenever someone clicks on the link, they’ll be taken directly to your survey.

To view survey result stats in real time log into your Rational Survey account and click the “3. Analyze” link in the top navigation.  The “Overview” page will give you  an overview graph of Responders and Responses along with numeric stats for your survey.

Then click “Totals” to get response totals for each question within a convenient & sortable grid.

Clicking the “Chart” icon will create and open downloadable line, bar, and pie charts for each question data set.

The Excel and CSV icons will let you download the response data in text formats that can be opened in Excel.

Distributing a survey through Facebook is now easier than ever with Rational Survey’s  new Facebook integration.  Create surveys and preview your message before inviting your friends to take part in your survey before posting it on your facebook wall.

Here’s how:

Step 1 (Register):

If you don’t already have one then go ahead and register an account with Rational Survey (It’s Free :) .

Step 2 (Configure your Survey):

Configure your survey, questionnaire, quiz or poll.  Customizing your questions is as simple as double clicking on each question and changing the question settings and question text.

Edit questionnaire

Customize your question

Step 3 (Distribute via Facebook):

Go to the Distribute page and click on the “Facebook” tab or click the icon in the right sidebar to open up the Facebook distribute interface.  Then click the “Login” button to connect with Facebook.

connect with facebook - click the button

A small window will open asking you to log into your Facebook account.  Enter your account email/password and log in.

Log into Facebook

Facebook will then ask you to grant permission to Rational Survey to connect to your account.  Click “Allow” to proceed.  Note: This only needs to be done the first time you connect Rational Survey with Facebook.

Facebook asks for permissions

Once connected you’ll be able to view a preview of your Facebook post by entering your message into the Facebook tab or dialog’s text field.  The survey link is auto-magically appended to your post.  When you’re ready to share, click “Post to Wall” or “Share with Friends” to distribute your survey, questionnaire, or poll.

Step 4 (Analyzing Responses):

After distributing your survey you will be able to view real time response data by visiting the Analytics pages found by clicking “3. Analyze” in the top nav when you’re logged into Rational Survey.

Analyze your survey from the analyze pages

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