Organize Questionnaires

Apr 15, 2011

Organize SurveysGrouping related surveys and questionnaires is really simple with the new organize questionnaire feature.  This is particularly useful when you have more than a couple questionnaires and want to quickly access surveys without having to search the questionnaire list.  Here’s how:

From any of the “Configure”, “Distribute”, or “Analyze” pages, click the “Organize”  button within the questionnaire sidebar to open the “Organize Questionnaires” dialog.

Once open, type in the name/title of a group you would like to add and click the “Add Group” button.  This will create a new group with the specified title and insert it below your “Default” group.

Now the fun part, just drag and drop any of the questionnaires into your new groups.  As soon as you drop or release the questionnaire into the group it is automatically assigned without having to save.  This makes questionnaire organization much faster and easier.

To rename a group or to fix a misspelling just click the icon or title text.  Then type in your correction and click “update”.

You can also delete a group by clicking the icon.  This will remove it from the list and reassign all of the group’s questionnaires to your “Default” group.

After adding all your groups and assigning the questionnaires, just close the dialog and open the questionnaire drop down to find a nice and organized list of questionnaires.

Also, keep in mind that groups without questionnaires are not displayed in the questionnaire drop down list.  This keeps the drop down from getting cluttered with unused groups.

Enjoy :)

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