Popup Surveys Made Simple

Mar 20, 2011

Adding popup surveys to your webpage or blog is now a piece of cake thanks to Rational Survey’s new & easy to use popup survey embed feature.

In this tutorial we’re going to show you step by step how easy it is to get your pop up surveys up and running.  To see the pop up survey in action just go to the bottom of the post and open the pop up survey demo link.

Step 1 – Configure the Popup Survey

Note: If you would like to use an existing survey just skip over to step 2.

Log in or register a new Rational Survey account.  Once you’re logged in, from the Configure page, click “Create” and enter in the title of your new questionnaire or choose an existing questionnaire and click “Create” to go to your new questionnaire.

Proceed to add or modify your survey questions.

Now go to the configure->settings page and select your desired options.  In this tutorial we’re going to make the survey anonymous so that anyone can take it without having to give their name or email address.  To do so, simply make sure that the “Require Responder Login” option is set to “No”.

Step 2 – Get Popup Survey Embed Script

Once the survey is ready for distribution, click the “Popup” survey icon in the quick-links sidebar or open the “Popup” tab on the Distribute page.

Decide how you would like the popup to work.  You have two choices, either it will open automatically or when a link is clicked.  If you choose the link, make sure to enter the text for the link in the “Link Text” field (Usually – click here to take our survey).

Now click “Update Script” just to make sure the embedded pop-up code gets updated and click within the large text box to select all of the code within.  If the code doesn’t automatically get highlighted make sure to select all of the code manually and copy to clipboard (Ctrl + C for windows users).

Step 3 – Deploy Popup Survey

This step will differ depending on how you access your webpage source code. but the idea is the same.  Just copy and paste the popup script into the body of the page where the survey will go.  If you’re using or showing a link for the popup then be sure to place the script exactly where you would like the link to appear.  Also, if your webpage is already using the popular jQuery javascript library, be sure to remove the jquery include script tag from the popup survey embed code if you want the popup to work.

In this example we’ll assume that the survey is going on a wordpress blog page in which case you can follow along.  Create or edit the page in which you would like the survey to open and click the “html” tab to view the content source. Paste the pop-up survey embed script and save.

Now visitors will be automatically prompted to take your survey when they enter your page or click the popup survey link.


Click the link below to view a live demo of the popup survey in action.


this step will differ

2 Responses so far | Have Your Say!

  1. Emmanuel
    June 20th, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Great, great tool.
    Question, though: even if the user has already taken the survey, the next time he enters the website the popup window opens again… how do I prevent this from happening?
    Many thanks!

  2. Natan Volkovich
    June 21st, 2011 at 10:30 pm #

    Good idea!

    We’ve gone ahead and added an option “Open First Visit” to the popup distribution tab/dialog that allows you to specify whether or not you want the popup survey to open on all visits or just the first visit.

    Note: I’ll update the tutorial soon to mention this fact.