Survey Questions with Image Answers

Apr 14, 2011

Image ExampleAdding images to survey questions is a breeze with Rational Survey.  Just follow the steps below to create stunningly visual questionnaires.  As usual, our this tutorial assumes that you have an account.  If not, go ahead and register a free one by clicking the link below.

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Step 1 – Creating the Question

From the questionnaire builder.  Click the  button to bring up the question dialog.

Select “Image” from the “Type” drop down.

Step 2 – Uploading Images

Now enter your question text and click the “Manage Images” button.  This will bring up a dialog from where you can add previously uploaded images to your question or upload and add new images.

Click “Choose File” to select an image and then click “Upload”.  The image will be automatically added to your question as an answer choice.  For best results, use images that are the same size or height.

After uploading all of your images, click the   icon to close the image manager but remember not to close the question dialog before saving.

Step 3 – Adding Captions (Optional)

Simply click the bar below each image and type in some text to display as a caption (beneath/above) each image.

Step 4 – Arranging Images (Optional)

Within the “Answer Images” area, you can drag and drop each question image box to change the question ordering.  That way you don’t have to upload or add your images in any particular order.

Step 5 – Save

Click “Create” to save your changes and add the question to your questionnaire.

Now share your beautiful questionnaire!

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