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Component Component: Question Skip Dialog


Skip logic is a powerful feature that lets you channel responders to specific pages of your questionnaire based on the values of the responses that they submit. This can be used to save time for the responder by skipping pages with questions that are not relevant to the responder or to prevent them from accessing pages with questions that if exposed could interfere with their judgment and subsequent responses. However, for the feature to be effective, you need to know precisely how to configure it.

Finding the Question Skip Dialog

Getting to the question skip dialog is easy. Just go to the questionnaire builder and hover over any question until the question context menu options appear. Proceed to click the Wrench icon belonging to the question you would like to add skip logic.

Note: Skip logic is only available to questions that are not on the last page of the questionnaire since there is nowhere to skip to from the last page. As a result, single page questionnaire can't have skip logic.

Skip Logic Icons

Adding Skips

Adding skip logic is simple but differs slightly based on question type. For example:

  • Multiple Choice: Select the value of the question you would like to trigger the skip from the "On Value" drop down.
  • Skip Logic Multiple Choice Value Select
  • Free Response: Enter the value you would like to trigger the skip into the "On Value" field.
  • Skip Logic Free Response Value Select
  • Multiple Choice Grid: Select the values of the questions you would like to trigger the skip from the "On Value" drop downs.
  • Skip Logic Multiple Choice Grid Value Select
  • Date Value: Enter the date (YYYY-MM-DD) value you would like to trigger the skip into the "On Value" field.
  • Skip Logic Date Value Select

Selecting Target Page

Now that you're selected or entered the on skip value. Select the target skip page from the "Skip To" drop down. You can choose from any page following the page currently selected within the questionnaire builder including the "Completed" page (The one displayed to responders when they complete your survey).

Skip Logic Target Page

Saving Changes

The last step is to click "Save" to confirm the new skip logic. Once confirmed, each question with skip logic will display a "Skips Enabled" tag to let you know that a question has skip logic without having to open every question's skip logic dialog.

Skip Logic Tag

Removing Skip Logic

Removing the skip logic is just as easy. Pop open the "Skip Logic Dialog" and click the "Remove Skips" button. Then click "Save" to confirm your changes.

Confirm SKip Logic Removal

Thats it, you're ready to spice up your surveys by adding advanced skip logic to your questionnaires.

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