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Component Component: Questionnaire Builder


The questionnaire builder is the place where you assemble a questionnaire page by page from new or existing questions. Once your questionnaire is ready, you configure it further on the survey settings page.

Getting to the questionnaire builder is easy. Just click "Configure" in the top navigation.

Configure Link Top Nav

Page Breakdown

The questionnaire builder page has a collection of panels. On the left is the questionnaire builder, and on the right, a collection of widget like panels known as your sidebars.

Questionnaire Builder Screen

Create Questionnaire

The topmost sidebar titled "Questionnaire" lets you change the currently edited questionnaire by selecting one from the drop down list. If this is your only questionnaire, it will be the only one in the list.

Questionnaires Sidebar DropDown

To create a new questionnaire simply click the "Create" button located below the questionnaires drop down. A small dialog will appear with an empty title field. Enter a title and click "Create" or press the enter key. You will then be automatically forwarded to your new questionnaire.

Questionnaires Create Dialog

Editing Questionnaire Name/Title

Above these panels is your questionnaire/survey title & crumb trail navigation. Clicking the Wrench icon beside the questionnaire title will open an input field that allows you to edit or change the questionnaire title.

Edit Questionnaire Title

After entering your new questionnaire title press the enter key to confirm.

Questionnaire Pages

At the top of the questionnaire builder starting from left to right we have the:

  • Questionnaire Page Title: Clicking the text will open an input to edit the page title.
  • Pages Tabs: These are your questionnaire pages. The current page is indicated with a white background & clicking the tabs will change the currently displayed page.
  • Add & Remove Page Buttons: These buttons add and remove questionnaire pages. Clicking "Add" will add a blank page after the current page. Clicking "Remove Trash" will remove the current page and reorder existing questions. It is only available when there is more than just one page in the questionnaire.
Questionnaire Builder Tab Controls (Main)

You also have the option of navigating or adding & removing pages from the bottom of the questionnaire builder page when you're on a page with 5 or more questions.

Questionnaire Builder Tab Controls (Bottom)

Question Controls

If you move your mouse cursor over the questions of questionnaire builder, you will notice that the background of the question beneath the mouse pointer changes color and that two button sets or menus appear near the bottom of the question. The first set has buttons for options affecting the selected question. The second has options for new questions.

Questionnaire Question Hover Controls

First Menu

  • Edit Question: Clicking the wrench icon will open a dialog that lets you edit the selected question.
  • Add/Remove Skip Logic: Clicking the skip icon will open a dialog for adding skip logic to a question.
  • Move Question: Clicking the Move icon will enable move mode and allow you to change the question's position/order within the questionnaire.
  • Delete Question: Clicking the Trash icon will remove the question from the questionnaire.
Questionnaire Question Menu 1

Second Menu

  • Clone Question: Clicking the newwin icon duplicates the selected question making it easier & faster to build a questionnaire.
  • Add Question: Clicking the icon will open a dialog for adding a question. The question will be inserted after the selected question.
Questionnaire Question Menu 2


The questionnaire builder makes it easy to assemble questionnaires in a familiar document like format. For more information, try reading the "How to Configure a Survey" tutorial.

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