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After configuring your survey, you need to glance through to make sure it's visually acceptable and that the questions are correct. Thats where the Questionnaire Preview page comes into play.

Finding the Questionnaire Preview Page

The questionnaire preview page is easy to get to. Just click the "1. Configure" link in the top navigation and then click "Preview" in the second level crumb navigation. Alternatively, if you're already on the "Settings" page, click the "Next (Preview)" link at the bottom of the page.

Preview Link
Preview Link Settings

Preview Box

Below the primary navigation, within the main content area, you'll find a scaled down boxed view of the actual survey. Everything is pretty much the same except for the navigation controls that you'll use to switch between pages. In the distributed version, your responder will see a "Submit" button.

Preview Box Overview

Preview Controls

To get to the next page, click the "" icon button.

To return to a previous page, click the "" icon button.

Preview Controls

Full Screen Sneak Peek

You also have the option of navigating a full screen windowed version of your survey. To open, click the "Fullsize Preview" label in the top left corner of the preview box.

Preview Full Size

The fullsize survey preview also has a banner at the top warning you not to distribute your survey using the location bar address. This is there because the fullsize preview does not collect responses. Instead, use the distribute methods.

For more information on the distribute methods read the "How to Distribute a Survey" tutorial.

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