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Tutorial Tutorial: How to Configure a Survey

First Step

If you haven't already done so, then go ahead and register an account
(click here to register).

After successfully registering an account you will be directed to the Questionnaire Builder. This is where you will be spending your time when putting together your questionnaires.

The questionnaire builder can be easily reached by clicking the "1. Configure" link in the top navigation area.

Questionnaire Builder Screen

Upon arrival, you'll notice that the page is divided into two main areas. On the left, you will find the questionnaire builder interface. To the right, a collection of various sidebars that provide useful information and links based on your page and account status.

Questionnaire Builder Screen

Questionnaire Sidebar

The top most sidebar on the right controls the active questionnaire. All your questionnaires will be listed within a drop down. Changing the selection of the drop down will change the active questionnaire.

Questionnaire Sidebar

Questionnaire Title

The name/title of the active questionnaire is listed above the Questionnaire Builder and can be changed by clicking the Edit Icon . Doing so will open an input over the current title, allowing you to enter in a new title.

Edit TItle

Note: Press enter to confirm survey title change.

Questionnaire Pages

Below the Questionnaire title within the questionnaire builder you will find a list of tabs containing numbers. These are the pages of the questionnaire. Clicking these will change the edited page.

On the left side you will see some text with the words "Click to Edit". By clicking the text you can change or add a page title.

To the right of the tabs, depending on the page, you will see two buttons: "Add" & "Remove". Clicking the first will add a blank page after the current page. Clicking "Remove" deletes the current page along with all the questions. Note: Questions are not permanently deleted and can still be added back to the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Tabs

Question Controls

As you hover over a question with your mouse pointer, the background will change color and two small button menus will appear within the question space.

The first button set allows you to edit the question, add skip logic, move the question to a new location, & remove the question from the questionnaire.

The second allows you to duplicate/clone the question and add a question after the selected question.

Questionnaire Button Menus

Note: Double clicking anywhere over the highlighted question will bring up the edit question dialog.

Edit Question Dialog

Within the Edit Question Dialog, you will be able to edit the currently selected question.

To change the question type simply select a new question type from the "Select Type" drop down.

To edit the question text simply edit the question field.

To add, change, or remove answers for multiple choice, or multiple choice grid questions simply edit the answers field. Separate answers by line or with commas.

Toggling the "Answer Orientation" from vertical to horizontal will change the display of the answers from a vertical to horizontal position and vice versa.

Setting the "Multiple Responses" field to yes will change the answer inputs from radio buttons to check boxes.

Question Edit Dialog

After you're finished making changes to the question, clicking "Update" will save your changes and return you to the questionnaire builder. If you don't want to save your changes, simply click "Cancel".

Skip Logic

The second button lets you add or remove skip logic to the associated question. Click Skip Logic Icon to open the skip dialog.

The first field within the skip dialog sets the question value to trigger the skip action. For free response question types the field is accepts text while for multiple choice, it presents a drop down of available answers.

The second specifies the target page of the skip action. The choices available are all pages following the current page and the "Completed" page which is the final page of the questionnaire displaying the completed message.

Skip Logic

Note: Skip Logic is only available on pages that are not the last page of the questionnaire.

Moving a Question

The third button lets you move the question to a new location within the questionnaire.

Move Button

Clicking it will automatically hide all question button menus and enable "Move Mode". Within move mode you will be able to move the selected question to a new location by either dragging and dropping the question to a new location, or by clicking the "Move Here" button at the desired placement.

To move the question to a different page, while in move mode, simply click the desired page and on that page select a new position by clicking "Move Here" to automatically relocate the question.

If you accidentally entered Move mode or no longer desire to move the question, click "Cancel Move" to return to the normal questionnaire builder mode.

Question Move Mode

Removing a Question

The fourth button Trash allows you to remove the question from the questionnaire. It will bring up a confirmation dialog asking whether or not you want to remove the question. Clicking "Ok" will remove the question while clicking cancel will return focus to the questionnaire builder.

Remove a Question

Note: The question is not permanently deleted and can be added back to the questionnaire from the add question dialog's "Add Existing Question" tab.

Cloning a Question

Often times a series of questions are of a similar type and have similar answers in which case it is helpful to be able to quickly clone a question in order to speed up questionnaire creation. To do so, simply click the Duplicate button to create and insert a copy of the selected question below.

The newly cloned question will be the same as the parent except for the words [***COPY***] added to the question text. This is done to prevent accidental duplicates from being added to the questionnaire. That way you will easily tell the clone from the original and proceed to make your modifications.

Clone/Duplicate QUestion

Adding a Question

To add a question to the questionnaire, click the Add icon at the top of each page or click the Add button within the second menu of the question options.

Add a Question

Doing so will bring up the "Add Question" dialog. By default the "New Question" tab will be open allowing you to create and add a new question to the questionnaire. If you click the "Existing Question" tab you fill be able to find and add previously used questions to your questionnaire.

Add New Question
Add Existing Question

Survey Settings

Once your questionnaire is ready, click "Settings" in the crumb navigation at the top of the page or click the "Next (Settings)" button at the bottom to proceed to the next step.

Survey Settings
Survey Settings

The settings page controls the various settings associated with your current survey. The options are broken down into tabbed groups.

Validation Tab

  • Require Answers: Controls whether or not a user may continue the survey unless they submit all the answers. If a question is left blank, an error will be shown for that question.
  • Require Agree To Terms: Forces the user to check an "Agree to Terms" checkbox before proceeding to the survey. Checking this option will open a wysiwyg below the option allowing you to specify the exact terms.
  • Back Functionality: Allow the user to return to previously completed pages? If this option is enabled the responder will be presented with buttons on each page that allow them to back to previous pages.
Survey Configuration Validation Tab

Time Tab

  • Time Limit: Sets a limit of time for each responder to complete the survey. If the responder has not completed the survey within the given time, the responders current answers are submitted and a notice is shown to the responder telling them that time has expired. The responder is then forwarded to the completed page.
  • Start/End Date: Specifies a duration during which the survey can be accessed. If anyone attempts to access the survey before or after the start/end date, a message is shown stating that the survey has not yet started or has already finished.
Survey Time Content Tab

Content Tab

  • Start Text: Displays introductory text to the responder before the survey has started. Enabling this option will open a wysiwyg that allows you to modify the start text.
  • Completion Text: Displays a completion message to the responder after they have completed the survey. Enabling this option will open a wysiwyg allowing you to modify the content.
Survey Configuration Content Tab

Presentation Tab

  • Show Survey Title: Display or hide the survey title/name.
  • Show Page Title: Display or hide the survey page title.
  • Show Page Number: Display or hide the current survey page number.
  • Colors: Allows you to set a specific color for the: Titles, Questions, Answers, Page Background, & Background. Clicking inside the box will open up a gradient color pallete picker to set each color. Clicking the "Reset Colors" button will reset the colors to their default settings.
  • Font: Set the survey font. Clicking the drop down will open a list of fonts to choose from. The default font is labeled "(Default)".
  • Font Size: Sets the survey font size. Clicking the drop down will open a list of font sizes to choose from: small, normal, large, or extra large.
  • Branding: Click "Browse" to select and upload an image to use as a banner for all of the pages of your current survey. For best results use a 700px wide banner.
Survey Configuration Content Tab

Advanced Tab

  • Require Responder Login: Force responders to login by submitting an email address+password or username+password combination or their email address in order to take your survey. Useful in situation when you want to restrict access to your survey to a known group of responders.
  • Login Using: Used in conjunction with the previous option, this setting lets you decide how your responders will access your survey. Choose a username+password or email address+password combination or just have the responder provide an email address.
    Note: this option is only visible when the "Require Responder Login" setting is enabled.
  • Reset on Completion: Allow responders to take the survey more than once. This is useful if you are using a single computer to collect responses from a group of people and would like them to take the survey one after another. It is also useful if you are using the survey as a form to process information and are manually entering in data on behalf of multiple responders.
    Note: this option is automatically disabled when "Require Responder Login" is enabled.
  • Custom Header: Prepends raw xhtml data to the top of your survey body. This is useful if you would like to insert a custom plugin or widget to the survey.
  • Custom Footer: Appends raw xhtml data to the bottom of your survey body. This is useful if you would like to insert a custom plugin or widget to the survey.
Survey Advanced Content Tab
Survey Advanced Content Tab Responders Option

Responders Tab

The responders tab becomes available when you enable the "Require Responder Login" option. From here you can manage your survey's responders, add new responders, edit existing responders, view individual response sets, & delete responders.

Responder Tab

Adding new responders can be accomplished in one of two ways. Either by clicking the "Add" button to bring up the "Create Responder" dialog. Or you can upload them in CSV format by exporting from a spreadsheet.

Responder Add One by One
Survey Responders CSV Upload

Editing a responder is just as easy. Click the Wrench icon or double click on the desired responders row to bring up the "Edit Responder" dialog. After making your desired changes click "Update" or press the "Enter" key.

Edit Survey Responder

To remove an individual responder, click the Trash icon within the responders grid corresponding to the row of the chosen responder.

Responder Delete Individual

In order to remove all responders, click the "Delete" button below the grid.

Responder Delete All


Now that you've configured your survey settings you're ready to preview your survey before distributing it. Simply click the "Next (Preview)" button at the bottom of the survey or click the "Preview" link within the top crumb navigation.


The preview page gives you a miniature interactive preview of the survey with all of your presentation settings applied to help you decide whether or not the survey is ready for distribution.

Clicking the "Fullsize Preview" label at the top left hand corner of the survey preview window will open a Full page preview of your survey.

Survey Preview

At the bottom of the preview page will be a set of buttons for navigating the preview.

Survey Preview Buttons

If you feel that some changes need to be made to the survey settings or to the questionnaire you can go back anytime to the Questionnaire Builder or Survey Settings page by clicking the "Prev(Settings)" button or by using the crumb navigation.

Now that you've created, configured, and previewed your survey, you're ready to distribute.

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