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Tutorial Tutorial: How to Distribute a Survey

Getting Started

Now that you're ready to distribute your survey, make sure you get to the "Distribute Survey" page. Just click the "2. Distribute" link in the top navigation or click the "Next(Distribute)" button from the survey settings page.

Distribute Survey Link

The first thing you'll notice is a group of tabs. Each tab gives you a different way or method of distributing your survey to the world. From left to right you should see the: Link, Embed, Email, Facebook, & Twitter tabs. By default, the Link tab should already be open.

Distribute Tabs

The link tab and distribution method lets you distribute your survey with a web address (url), or an embeddable html link (also known as an anchor).

Distribute Survey Links Tab

The web address/url can be pasted directly into any browser's location bar to direct the user to your survey. In addition you can paste the link into any outgoing email to personally invite responders.

With the embeddable link, you can add a link to your survey directly to any web accessible page using an html editor of your choosing.

Distribute Survey Links

Clicking within the text field should automatically select the text making it easier for you to copy & paste your links.

Embed your Survey

On the embed tab you can place your survey directly onto your website or blog by copying and pasting the embed snippet into the desired location within a webpage or multiple webpages. Once embedded, the embed frame will automatically resize to accommodate your survey, giving your end user seamless survey experience.

Embed Survey

Send Email Invitations

From the email tab you can send a personalized survey invitation via email without having to access your web mail or email client. Just enter in your name in the sender field, then specify your recipients (one per line or separate by comma), and finally enter in a personalized message. Then click the "Preview" button to see your message with the survey link & invitation.

Once you're satisfied with the invitation click send to distribute your survey.

Send via Email

Distribute Via Facebook

Connect directly to Facebook from the distribute tab to post survey on your wall or to share with friends.

Facebook Survey Connect

To begin with, click the "Login" button to open a Facebook login screen.

Facebook Login

After logging in, Faceook will ask you if you want to grant permission to RationalSurvey to connect with your account. After clicking "Allow" you will be redirected back to RationalSurvey and shown a confirmation screen.

Facebook Grant Permissions

This particular step only needs to be done once. Facebook remembers the applications you have granted access rights.

At this point you will be able to type in your message and see a real-time preview as it would look in Facebook as a post.

Facebook Survey Post

Now you can click "Post To Wall" to post to your facebook wall or click "Share with Friends" to share the message directly with friends.

Distribute Survey Via Twitter

From the Twitter distribute tab click "Connect with Twitter" to open a Twitter login screen.

Twitter Connect

Just like the facebook module, Twitter will then tell you that an application is asking to connect to your account. Enter your Twitter account username/password and click "Allow" to grant access. Twitter will then redirect you back to RationalSurvey at which point you can close the window by clicking the "Succesfully Connected" link.

Important: if Twitter is unable to redirect you back to RationalSurvey it will display a link that you must click to redirect back. Without this step RationalSurvey will be unable to Tweet to your account.

Twitter Login

Once connected, your Twitter account username and avatar will load and you will be presented with a text field in which to type your tweet. Below it will be displayed a live preview with the survey link automatically appended.

Distribute Survey Via Twitter

Click the "Post Tweet" button to tweet. Now Tweet away!

Distribute Sidebar (Quick Links)

Now that you've mastered the art of distributing surveys from the distribute page, feel free to use the Distribute Sidebar to speedup the process. While we still recommend that you use the Configure, Distribute, & Analyze flow for running your surveys, you can now open up a dialog with any distribute method from any survey page by using the Distribute Sidebar.

Distribute Quick Links
Distribute Links Method Dialog Open

Note: Hover over each link to get the name of the distribute method. Also the distribute sidebar has the PDF download option which is not available in the distribute tabs.

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