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Tutorial Integration Tutorial: How to Embed a Survey on Your Wordpress Blog

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In this tutorial we're going to be embedding a basic feedback survey into a Wordpress Blog using RationalSurvey.

Creating The Survey

Make sure you have a RationalSurvey account. If not, you can easily get one by registering here: http://www.rationalsurvey.com/register/free. It's free and takes less than a minute.

Now log into your RationalSurvey account & and click the "1. Configure" link at the top of the page.

Click to Configure

Click the "Create" questionnaire button and enter "Website Feedback Form" into the title field.

Create Questionnaire
Create Questionnaire Dialog

Adding Questions

Hover over the first question and double click anywhere over the highlighted background or click the Wrench edit icon within the context menu to bring up the edit question dialog.

Edit Default Question

Customize your first multiple choice survey question and click "Update" to confirm your changes.

Survey Question Example

Proceed to edit the second & third questions.

Survey Question Example
Survey Question Example

Configuring Survey Settings

Now click the "Settings" crumb link or click "Next" below the questionnaire to get to the settings page.

Settings Link

Open the "Advanced" tab and enable the "Reset on Completion" option. Then click "Save".

Enable Advanced Option

Getting the Embed Code

Within the distribute sidebar (lower right), click the embed quick link to open the embed dialog. Note: If you have trouble with this, you can also grab a copy of the embed from the Distribute page's embed tab.

Open Embed Dialog
Copy Embed Code

Once opened, if not already highlighted, click inside the text field and copy the embed code to your computer's clipboard ( usually ctrl+c ).

Logging into Wordpress

Now go to your Wordpress blog's administrative page and log in. Usually "yourblogdomain.com/wp-login".

Wordpress Login

Embedding Survey

Click "Pages" in the administrative sidebar. Then click "Add New" to add a new page. Now enter a title, paste in your survey's unique embed code, and click "Publish".

Wordpress Survey Page Embed

Note: You can alternatively embed the survey on any existing page including the home page. Just be sure that you know what you're doing when editing code in the HTML tab.


Just navigate to the new feedback page you added in the previous step and enjoy. Your visitors will now be able to provide valuable feedback to you from your blogs :)

Wordpress Embedded Feedback Form

View Feedback Data

To check out the response/feedback data just log into RationalSurvey, select your survey from the questionnaires drop down & click the "3. Analyze" link in the top nav. For more information on analyzing your surveys, take a look at the "How To Analyze a Survey" tutorial.

Analyze Feedback Responses
Analyze Feedback Response Totals
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