COYER March 2014 Feedback

COYER March 2014 Feedback Page 1

1)Did you have fun with COYER and will you plan to participate again?
2)Did you like the addition of the commenting giveaway?
5)Do you like that we've restricted it to eBooks under $5 or do you wish that other books were allowed? (pick the answer that you most agree with)
6)Would you like to interact on Facebook - if we created a private COYER group for updates, chatting, and giveaways?
7)How often would you like COYER to be held? (check all that you'd be happy with)
8)How long would you like future COYER challenges to last? (check all that you'd be happy with)
9)Would you like it if we did different themes for COYER? For example, one month focus on only free books, another month only on books by new-to-you authors, etc?