Occupy Wall Street Demographics Survey


The investigation, Struggle for Equality: Comparing the role of Hispanics in the Occupy Wall Street and Puerto Rico Movements, sponsors this survey for the means of acquaring demographic information on the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Puerto Rico Movements.

The investigation composes of the research of the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWSM) in New York City and the Occupy Puerto Rico Movement (OPRM) in Hato Rey.  It will evaluate the demographic profile of the OWSM, providing a picture as to where Hispanics lie in the social stratifications of the OWSM.  Factors such as the relationship between the organizers, the objective of the protest and how the demographic profile of the organizers affects the overall efficacy of the protest will be taken into consideration as we compare OWS to OPR to see what possible linkage it has with the OWSM.  The research will illustrate the Hispanic involvement in OWS and what possible connection this movement and OPR may have.



Struggle for Equality: Comparing the role of Hispanics in the Occupy Wall Street and Puerto Rico Movements


You have been invited to participate in an investigation about the demographic profile of the members in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. This investigation will be conducted by Ms. Krizia V. García (Leader) Psychology Major, Ms.Yasenia Martínez Political Science Major, Ms. Nicole Nazario Anthropology Major, Ms. Stefanie De León Engineering Major and Christian Asencio, Biology Major undergraduate students at the University of Puerto Rico. The purpose of this investigation to analyze the role of Hispanics in the Occupy Wall Street and Puerto Rico movements through the comparison of their demographics, goals and roles they play in the movement.

You have been selected to participate in this investigation because, as a member, you are an integral part of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. This survey will be made up of approximately 150, voluntary participants and will last approximately10 minutes. If you choose to participate in this investigation you will be asked to answer a set of questions related to your general background and views of the movement. The answers will allow us to have a quantitative view of who makes up the Occupy Wall Street Movement.


Risk and Benefits:

The risks associated with this investigation are minimal and your name will not be associated with the findings. The information gathered through this investigation is purely for academic reasons and does not have any direct benefits to the participant. The only risk associated with this survey is the possibility of being identified by the means of including your age, sex and general income.

 The information the participant inserts in the computer used to fill out the essay may be reviewed by a thrid part. These people may be people with legitimate or illegitimate access to the computer that has been used such as; a family member, friend, hacker, etc. Also, within the computer that the questioner is filled out there may be a chance the computer in itself gathers information on what you access or send via Internet.



All information gathered through the survey will be kept confidential. To ensure that the participants identity is protected the survey will be anonymous but the participant may run the risk of their identity being identified by third parties not associated with the investigation given that the survey is online. The survey forms will be numbered for organizational purposes. Only the research team, composed of Ms. Krizia Vargas, Ms. Nicole Nazario, Ms. Yasenia Martinez, Stefanie De Leon, Mr. Christian Ascencio and Dr. Carlos Guilbe, will have access to information that could identify the participant direct or indirectly, including all raw data and this consent form.


Officials of the University of Puerto Rico or federal agencies responsible for maintaining the standards of integrity in investigations may request the data gathered in this investigation, including this document.


This information will be stored on a locked file drawer by ­­­­­Ms. Krizia Vargas at a secure location for a period of three (3) years after the conclusion of the investigation. After the specified time, all paper data will be shredded and all digital media will be erased and/or destroyed.



If after reading this document you have decided to participate, please understand that your participation is completely voluntary and have the right to abstain from participating or to withdraw from the study in any moment, without any penalty. You also have the right to refrain from answering any question, in particular, you wish. Furthermore, you have the right to a copy of this document.


If you have any questions or will like more information about this investigation, please contact Ms. Krizia Vargas at (571)330-2688 or OWSResearchInv@gmail.com.


If you have any questions about your rights as a participant, or reclamation related with your participation in this study, you may contact the Fulfillment Official of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, at the phone number (787)764-0000, extension 2515 or through email at: cipshi@degi.uprrp.edu.


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